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Privacy Basics for Marketers

Nearly daily, I receive emails not intended for me.  I can forgive the random photos from individuals who think I’m James or Jason or the occasional bid from a construction company where the sender forgot to add a few numbers to the end of my name. What I am increasingly finding problematic is the emails … Continue reading

Who Is Minding Your Store? Or, Why Facebook Strategy Matters

Who’s minding the store?  Or, when it comes to Facebook, who is in charge of that all-important point of customer interaction for your organization? More often than not, resource-stretched organizations will assign Facebook maintenance to an intern, or perhaps an eager volunteer whose primary qualifications include “always online” and “don’t remember a time before the … Continue reading

Upcoming Articles

Recently, I’ve been focused on my singing (www.DivaForRent.com) as well as some other projects.  I find myself missing the business side of the arts and utilizing my skill set and creativity to advocate for the arts and contribute to their longevity.  As we approach 2013, I’m committed to fresh content here as well as exploring … Continue reading

Social Media’s Impact on Adoptions

It thrilled me to see this local coverage attributing adoptions to social media: Social media helping homeless dogs and cats find new owners. As I wrote about in my post on Purrfect Pals excellent use of Facebook, I believe that social media done well can make a direct impact to a not-for-profit’s goals.  Even beyond adoptions, it can … Continue reading

The Power of Art

I regularly experience the power of art to move me, personally. I see others affected by the art/music I create. But to read about how art can challenge social norms, and change the world is inspiring. And reminds me why I do what I do. “Panmela formed Rede Nami, an urban art network of female … Continue reading

Effective Social Fundraising

I am regularly asked via Facebook to support causes, primarily through making donations.  Peer to peer fundraising is a powerful and exciting use of social media when done right.   It also has potential to be perceived as spam. So what will motivate me (and perhaps others) to take that action step and donate?  It’s actually … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season for Creative Giving

A recent NPR segment covered how nonprofits are creatively raising year end funds, even amidst a down economy.  In Idaho, 27 nonprofits held a joint fundraiser known as the “Alternative Giving Market of the Palouse”.  It raised awareness for local organizations, as well as funds. On the social media front, Mercy Corps, in Portland, OR, … Continue reading

Bargain Hunting Tips & Tricks

My parents used to call me a “wheeler-dealer”.  I do love a good bargain and with a mother who has her black belt in shopping, it’s no wonder I grew up with a keen sense of how to find a deal!  Since some friends have asked for tips, I thought I’d post a little overview … Continue reading

The Cat’s Meow: Facebook Lessons From Furry Friends

To be successful at social media, you don’t need a big budget or a big brand.  For me, the beauty of social media is the opportunity to genuinely connect with your audience.  It requires a big heart. Purrfect Pals, a not-for-profit in Arlington, WA, impresses me daily.  There are many things they do well, marketing-wise, from their Black … Continue reading

For Good

When posed with the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, I never responded “a marketer”.  Instead, I longed to be a noble queen, changing the world through my magnanimous gestures.  Or a concert pianist, bringing delight and joy to those hearing me perform.  I wanted to travel, read, write poetry, … Continue reading

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