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Recently, I’ve been focused on my singing (www.DivaForRent.com) as well as some other projects.  I find myself missing the business side of the arts and utilizing my skill set and creativity to advocate for the arts and contribute to their longevity.  As we approach 2013, I’m committed to fresh content here as well as exploring new pro bono opportunities.

Some topics on my mind that I am working on posts for:

  • Pinterest – The 5 C’s arts orgs (and nonprofits) should consider
  • Crowdfunding and Online Auction sites as tools for fundraising
  • Branding and Experiential Marketing
  • Book Reviews (including this intriguing ebook:  Marketing the Arts to Death: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006N0ZJ5M)
  • Marketing 101 for Small Orgs and Independent Artists

Any topics you’d like to learn more about?


About TheMarketingAdvocate

Creative, joyful soul passionate about marketing for good. Areas of focus include not-for-profit, arts, music, technology, women's rights, and generational marketing. I also sing, write poetry, travel, and enjoy life!


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