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‘Tis the Season for Creative Giving

A recent NPR segment covered how nonprofits are creatively raising year end funds, even amidst a down economy.  In Idaho, 27 nonprofits held a joint fundraiser known as the “Alternative Giving Market of the Palouse”.  It raised awareness for local organizations, as well as funds.

On the social media front, Mercy Corps, in Portland, OR, is using a Facebook app called “Gift-o-Matic“.  It might suggest donating chickens or a yak for someone passionate about animals.  In my view, social media has a lot of potential for fundraising, so long as it’s used creatively and interactively.  (We are also seeing the rise of sites like www.kickstarter.com and www.indiegogo.com for creative projects.)

You have the power to not only give great gifts of experience (as this blogger says, “The best gifts come in envelopes”), but to impact local nonprofit organizations for good.

As organizer of the Alternative Giving Market Dianne Daley Laursen said, “Shop Local, Buy Local, Give Local”.


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